This post went on a journey to many different destinations - medieval history, law and university's purpose. I loved it. I only have comments via an anecdote for the last bit on "the mainstream media is not highlighting the issues with this Bill." I recently was watching a youtuber who, after his release from prison, said that he got arrested under section 527C of the Crimes Act in Sydney while buying milk. He got out of prison, tried leading a normal life, was buying milk one day after his gym sesh, police see him and ask where he found the ipod he was using, and he said his mom bought it and gave it to him. Police demanded him to produce a receipt. He could not produce one. His mom also did not have one. Off he was in the system again. Legal aid lawyer said you need a receipt. It made me wonder how we are not talking about this. So, I went on a bit of a search. I checked a recent award-winning PhD thesis from UNSW on racial profiling by police in Australia assuming surely this must be relevant - no mention of it. No mention/criticism in media via articles. Guess who mentions 527C as problematic? Criminal defense lawyers. 'Sydney Criminal Lawyers' say on their website that "One of the most common offences that we regularly see before the courts is “goods in custody." My suspicion is that the mainstream media does not highlight the plight of those arrested under this section OR of the excesses of this provision because the demographic that is affected is often from the underclass of our society.

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